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Consumer product consultant

Primary emphasis of Hunggou consultant is on innovation. The purpose is aimed at instilling sharp observation skills and creative thinking. The primary structure blends theory and practice in the form of a series of design challenges. The Hunggou consultant dwell into the product design methodology and case studies. The work primarily involves the design challenge. The design approach consists of three distinct stages-Understand market and/or the current products, Synthesize effective designs and model the product designs. We will go through in each of these stages with a design case study. It ties human psychology, business issues and ethics and enables them to appreciate good design and also, create new innovative products.

Game Sport Strategy

Looking inside of you or your team. what is your most powerful characteristics of you. We can make it be recognized by you and as your weapon. we are always insightful. Who are you really inside? We can be leading you to the biggest one inside your heart, and to give you a strategy so that you can embrace victory. We use mathematics model to crack the game and can tell what is core and true things in the game you are playing. We can provide you some training strategy according to what you are inside, muscle, speed, reaction and so on. And we will give you some immediate strategy while you are playing on the game according to your opponent. We can find their weakness.
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